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Father and son reunited!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

BIG SHOUT OUT to Grover for his hard work and perseverance in successfully reuniting with his son! Eight months ago, Grover walked out of prison. He was unemployed and was relying on family to survive. Through our partnership with DFCS, Grover was referred to Four Winds to receive the services he needed in order to complete his case plan so he could be restored as an individual and be reunited with his son as a family. Grover said it best in his own words “If it hadn’t been for the services you gave me this wouldn’t have happened.” Four Wind’s unique set of services consisting of life skills, counseling, court advocacy, and case management is what Grover needed to be restored as the father to his child. Grover is now working full-time and is able to fully support his little boy on his own!

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