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Supervised Visitation Services

The Family Bond

One of the most important bonds a person has in their lifetime is with their family members, especially the parent-child relationship.  Many families in our community have broken or unhealthy parent-child bonds. That could be the case due to divorce, legal issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, or simply struggling to get it right.  Sadly, these challenges often lead to separation of the family members.  When that occurs, the family needs assistance to maintain, heal, and grow their bond.  Supervised family visitation services makes that possible.  In a safe and family-friendly, and supervised  environment parents and children can work on their precious bond. 

How it Works

When a person or family finds that they need supervised visitation services all they need to do is just contact our offices.  The primary caregiver of the children and the visiting parenting each have a separate intake to gather necessary information, discuss necessary details and concerns, and set a schedule.  

If another community agency, court, DFACS, or attorney wishes to refer a family for supervised visitation services, then all they have to do is fill out a referral form and we will do the rest.  Our staff will reach out the family, schedule all appointments and handle all the details. 

All interaction between family members and caregivers is continually monitored from the arrival to departure.  During the actual visitation, a trained supervisor is in the room observing and documenting all interaction. If there are any concerns the supervisor will address them as in needed in a professional manner.  A written observation record is kept on all visitations.  We combine safety and fun in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere to help families strengthen their bond

Visitation Staff 

Lee Wood 
Program Supervisor and Parenting Coach

Lee has 20 years of experience providing parenting assessments, parenting classes, individual parenting instruction, and parenting coaching.  In addition, he has 15 years of experience providing supervised visitation service. He is certified in the Nurturing Parenting, Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale, Child and Adolescents Needs Scale, Denver Developmental Scale.

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