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Available Services

Life Skills and Parenting Classes

Not everyone has been taught the basic skills needed to parent and to live a life that is efficient and manageable. Teaching those skills through groups and individual sessions is a significant element of what we do to help restore families. Life skills include job search, budgeting, goal setting, time management, and other areas of life.

Financial Support

Throughout their time within our services, families can be provided financial assistance through means such as gas cards, gift cards for food, assistance paying bills, and other financially needed support.

You can give to help support these services through our give page!

Single Mothers Support Group

On their road to restoration and reunification, these single mothers have their own unique obstacles to overcome, which can be scary and intimidating, and we want no one to face that alone. Our goal for this support group is to surround these women with community and support from others that are walking this journey with them.

Counseling Network

Four Winds has developed a network of partnering counselors, each being different with their own unique passion, approach, and skill set with which they help individuals and families better themselves and, ultimately, their family.

This includes therapy, pastoral counseling, and behavioral management.

Click here to see our counseling partners!

Family Events

Throughout the year, we team up with other community supporters to provide these families opportunities to have fun and enjoy life together. This includes our Annual Christmas Party, Family Fall Festival, "Back to School" events, and other events for the parents to attend. Ask how you can get involved through our contact page!

Click here to check out our upcoming events.


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