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Young Family

Parenting and Co-Parenting Services


Our parenting and co-parenting services are designed to provide parents with necessary tools and education to be the best parents to their children that they can be so the home becomes a place of safety, security, nurture, and love ; a place where everyone thrives.


Through group educational classes, family sessions, and one-on-one coaching parents are equipped with knowledge and an tools they can immediately utilize to help them be the best parent they can be.  Our class instructor and coordinator of all family services, Lee Wood, has 20 years of experience utilizing the Nurturing Parenting Program to help parents and families become safer, stronger, and more resilient.

Parents are taught the principles of love and nurture as the foundations for their interaction with their children.  Upon that foundation is added understanding of child development, morals and values, household rules and responsibilities, and proven techniques to help children to grow into healthy independent and self-sufficient adults. 

Delivery of Services:

  • Group parenting classes

  • Parent and child counseling sessions

  • Family counseling sessions

  • Individual parenting sessions 

  • Group co-parenting sessions

  • Co-parents counseling sessions 

The Need

The family unit is the building block of our communities.  When it is disrupted and struggling, our communities as a whole suffer.  Statistics show that drug use, mental illness, and crime all increase when family units are not healthy.  We are committed to helping families become stronger, healthier, and more resilient so that they can be contributing members to a growing and thriving community. 

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