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The purpose of Four Winds Initiative is to help individuals experiencing homelessness 

achieve self-sufficiency and the ability to successfully live independently and positively contribute our local community.


The Four Winds Initiative is a program that provides complete housing and living needs, transportation, job readiness training, counseling, and career development. Our Career Partners allow those in our program to find a job that suits them with impressive wages and room for growth. These job connections last beyond the program, allowing the clients at Four Winds to graduate the program being fully self-sufficient.


Our facilities provide a sense of structure and stability that is integral to the Four Winds Initiative program. At the houses, there is the proper amount of supervision and freedom to provide our clients with the tools for success, ranging from instructions in financial management, life skills, coping skills, and for any other need that may arise. These lessons and instructions are taught by our knowledgeable staff, as well as our on-site partner-counselors.

We provide individuals the following services:

  • Safe and stable housing.

  • Career opportunity with our career partners (giving them a career with a tangible skill, not just a job)

  • Vocational readiness training to achieve success in the careers provided

  • Onsite licensed professional counselors to help the youth deal with past traumas and learn healthy coping skills.

  • Life skills instruction to learn budgeting and money management, household management, and how to properly engage community agencies and resources.

  • Substance abuse recovery support for those youth with substance abuse history.

  • Assistance securing medical treatment.

  • Assistance securing their diploma or GED.

  • Assistance obtaining their driver’s license.

  • Assistance with family restoration where possible and appropriate.

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The Four Winds Initiative was launched in August 2017 by it's founder, and Four Winds' Executive Director, Michael Giddens. Michael has 15 years of experience in managing both for profit and non-profit business where he has been responsible for budgetary oversight, daily administration, and corporate accountability. Prior to launching, Michael worked with the chronically homeless in downtown Atlanta for over 10 years. This experience opened the door at Four Winds to start the Four Winds Initiative, allowing us to serve and house at-risk individuals experiencing homelessness.

Since 2017...

  • Over 50 individuals experiencing homelessness were led into self-sufficiency.

  • Over 25 at-risk individuals were placed into our managed housing.

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The Four Winds Initiative staff consists of 3 positions:

  • Director: oversees all operations of the Four Winds Initiative, it's facilities, staff and residents

  • Case Manager: manage day-to-day operations, including managing food supplies, housekeeping, scheduling and supervising the residents

  • Site Supervisor: provides transportation and after-hours security and safety

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